Why choose Bioslimming?


Most of our customers lose one to four cm per measured area (waist, thights…)


Bioslimming reduces the appearance of cellulite in less than four weeks


All our products are produced in France


Each product contains plant extracts, algae extracts, and essential oils


All ingredients are scientifically tested and approved

What are the
benefits from Bioslimming?

  • Decreases Cellulite

    Bioslimming uses both hot and cold thermo agents to reduce adipose tissue and stimulate the lymphatic system. The thermo agents stimulates the draw of fluid into the capillaries, and the absorption of fatty acids aligned with a subsequent transport of fat causes the orange peel appearance to disappear.

  • Improves Collagen

    Bioslimming positively influences the production of collagen by stimulating the fibroblasts (which are the responsible cells for the production of collagen).

  • Burns Fat

    With its unique caffeine concentration, lavender oil, algae extract and ivy extract, Bioslimming facilitates the fat burning process.

  • Stimulates Blood Circulation

    Bioslimming stimulates your blood circulation by the thermo agents in the Active Slim Gel, the Active Slim Cream, and in the Ultra Slim Effect. Their combination helps decrease the fat level, which leaves a smooth skin.

  • All in 1 Treatment

    The Bioslimming Trio is your intensive home program for a slimmer shape and smoother skin.

    Refine your silhouette with Bioslimming

    Refine your silhouette with Bioslimming

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    Bioslimming has shown a decrease of the appearance of fat deposit and cellulite in less than four weeks


    • What is Bioslimming?

      Produced by Provence Cosmetics, Bioslimming is a popular slimming program in the USA, especially in California. This revolutionary program consists of a carefully studied treatment practiced in Institute and includes a range of products to be used at home. Considered by professionals to be one of the most effective slimming treatments, Bioslimming contains a significant amount of essential oils, algae extract and plant extracts, as well as a high caffeine concentration.

    • How does Bioslimming work?

      Bioslimming is a unique formula that combines a multitude of plant extracts, essential oils, algae extract, a high concentration of caffeine, and hot and cold thermo agents. The ingredients used have been scientifically proven to work against cellulite and fight against fat deposits.

    • What results can I expect?

      Smoother skin, an improvement of orange peel skin with a reduction of cellulite. The results can be visible from the first application. The high concentration of active ingredients boosts the calorie consumption during the Bioslimming treatment. The slimmimg, firming and toning effects last for several hours.

    • How can I contact you?

      By e-mail; admin@provencecosmetics.com Or by phone: +33972503373 (non-surcharged call) MON-FRI: 9am-6pm (GMT+1)

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