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  • What is Bioslimming?

    Produced by Provence Cosmetics, Bioslimming is a popular slimming program in the USA, especially in California. This revolutionary program consists of a carefully studied treatment practiced in Institute and includes a range of products to be used at home. Considered by professionals to be one of the most effective slimming treatments, Bioslimming contains a significant amount of essential oils, algae extract and plant extracts, as well as a high caffeine concentration.

  • How does Bioslimming work?

    Bioslimming is a unique formula that combines a multitude of plant extracts, essential oils, algae extract, a high concentration of caffeine, and hot and cold thermo agents. The ingredients used have been scientifically proven to work against cellulite and fight against fat deposits.

  • What results can I expect?

    Smoother skin, an improvement of orange peel skin with a reduction of cellulite. The results can be visible from the first application. The high concentration of active ingredients boosts the calorie consumption during the Bioslimming treatment. The slimmimg, firming and toning effects last for several hours.

  • How much can I expect to lose?

    It depends upon your body type. Most clients lose in average 1 to 4 cm per measured area.

  • How long will the results last?

    Bioslimming has been scientifically proven to reduce fatty deposits and reduce the appearance of cellulite in less than 4 weeks and results can be maintained indefinitely, more so if you follow a healthy diet and exercise regime. If you gain weight the centimeters will return. Clients get such a boost in morale following Bioslimming treatments that many find themselves more inclined to engage in a healthier more active lifestyle.

  • What are the contraindications to Bioslimming?

    Due to a high concentration of essential oils, Bioslimming is unsuitable when you are pregnant or breast feeding.

  • Has Bioslimming been clinically tested? is it safe?

    Our products have been clinically tested, and all the ingredients have been thoroughly reviewed and tested by toxicology center, physicians and pharmacists.
    In very rare cases, some people may experience skin irritation, allergic reactions, or cross-sensitivity to essential oils. If you are someone who is taking a lot of prescription drugs and/or has a lot of allergies, you should do a patch test to check for skin irritation and sensitivity before using Bioslimming.

  • How can I contact you?

    By e-mail: admin@provencecosmetics.com Or by phone: +33972503373 (non-surcharged call)
    MON-FRI: 9am-6pm (GMT+1)

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